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Commercial Vehicle Sales

R Davies Metals & Sons Ltd offer commercial vehicle sales and parts for clients across the West Midlands. Contact us today to learn more about our range and what we offer; our team will be happy to help.

Established Resellers

Black Country Commercials is the commercial vehicle sales arm of R Davies Metals & Sons Ltd.

We purchase light and heavy commercial vehicles for reselling or breaking down for parts.

Based in Kingswinford near Dudley, we are established resellers of light and heavy commercial vehicles of any make or model. As commercial vehicle breakers, we always look for new stock. So, if you have a commercial vehicle to sell, please get in touch.

If your vehicle is no longer roadworthy, we also operate a comprehensive dismantling/breaking service where customers can buy a wide range of spare parts for commercial vehicles.

Unit 2 – Oak Lane

T: 01384 298833